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7. Rendering the Scene

Rendering a scene includes setup of the camera and invoking the final renderer.

Step 1: Switch the type of the view window to "Perspective" using the shortcut <Ctrl-p>. The view changes as displayed in figure 16:

perspective view

We start a first test rendering now.

Step 2: Start the BMRT-OpenGL previewer (rgl) using the shortcut <Ctrl-r>. The result should look like figure 17:

rgl preview

(If Ayam now complains about rgl not being found, BMRT is not set up correctly. Please read and execute the BMRT installation instructions again, then return here.) As you can see, the sphere is a bit too small and not centered. We will fix this now. You can get rid of the preview window using the <Esc> key.

Step 3: Select the sphere in the main window.

Step 4: Go back to the view and press <Ctrl-o>. This shortcuts changes the parameters of a view so that it displays the center of the selected objects and adapts the zoom factor of the view so that the selected objects are well sized.

Step 5: Start the BMRT-raytracer (rendrib) using the shortcut <Ctrl-R> (note the capital r; you have to press Control, Shift, and r simultaneously!). You have to wait a bit until the renderer finishes the image as displayed in figure 18:

final rendering

All done!

Your homework for today:

Make the lighting in this image more interesting with a spotlight. Here is what to do (the tutorial should have teached you how to execute the following tasks):

The resulting image should look like figure 19:


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