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This document describes how to get the latest development version of Ayam from the CVS server (this version is also often called CVS-Head).
But first, a word of warning:
Versions of Ayam from CVS are not for production use, because they may write scene-files, that can not be read with any other version of Ayam (including the next official release version!)[1][2].
But if you are a developer and/or want to help finding bugs before official release you are of course welcome to try the latest version from CVS. The file Changes.txt (<= direct link to WebCVS!) lists all user visible changes to Ayam in CVS and will be updated on a weekly basis.

To download the latest version, follow the instructions below:

  1. Set the CVSROOT environment variable:
    • Using csh or tcsh:
      setenv CVSROOT :pserver:anonymous@ayam.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/ayam
    • Using sh or bash:
      export CVSROOT
  2. Login to the CVS server:
    cvs login
    Just press the 'Enter' key when prompted for a password.
  3. Obtain the latest code:
    cvs -z3 co ayam
    This will check out the ayam module from the CVS server and place it in the current directory.
    There are two other modules available in the repository, namely docs (the documentation) and tut1 (the first tutorial).
    Update your already checked out version with the changes to CVS since your last "checkout":
    cvs up ayam
    (if you already have a checked out version of Ayam you may skip the first two steps)

You can also check out the Ayam sources of a specific release version using
cvs -z3 co -r Release-1_1 ayam
Replace "Release-1_1" with the version you want to check out, e.g. "Release-1_4", "Release_1_5", or "Release_1_6".

Alternatively, you may browse the CVS archive through a simple web interface.

If you find a bug in the CVS-Head of Ayam that is not present in the current official release, please, do not enter it to the bug tracking system, but rather send e-mail or post into the public forum.

1 This does not apply to versions with release tags.
2 Until the Ayam version string of the CVS-Head contains a "pre" (e.g. "1.9pre") no incompatible changes to the file format or the internal data structures occurred (just bug-fixes and additional functionality).

Randolf Schultz, 7. May 2008