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The marsrakete is a complete parametric NURBS model; rendering Pixie, shaders: cel, PNG, 400x800, 14K:

Architectural Study:
This architectural study was done by Ian Thompson:

Architecture 1 (46K) Architecture 2 (32K)

Lamp 2:
Simon Whiteley did this nice image of a lamp and three funky balls; rendering BMRT2.6b; shaders: parquet_plank, brushed_metal, funkyglass; PNG, 746x573, 518K:

Lamp 2 (518K)

Form 2:
Ian Thompson sent this nice image of a, a, a form :); rendering BMRT2.6; shaders: K3d_luna, K3d_windywave; JPEG, 646x778, 68K:

Form 2 (68K)

#8 Victory Aluminium Horseshoe:
Jonathan Merritt created this nice image. "The shoe is a single NuPatch object (modelled using Ayam, for it's excellent RenderMan support), with an all-in-one surface and displacement shader applied to it", rendering Aqsis 0.8.0; JPEG, 400x300, 22K:

#8 Victory Aluminium Horseshoe (22K)

Leonardo Peterle created this nice image with caustics on a Pentium@133MHz; rendering BMRT2.6b; JPEG, 640x480, 50K:

Dadi (50K)

André Pascual sent this image and promised to create a tutorial; rendering BMRT2.6b; JPEG, 730x605, 64K:

Prem_Ayam8 (64K)

Devil Soldiers:
Another one from Hogne Titlestad, this image uses the MetaBalls custom object; rendering BMRT2.6b; JPEG, 713x578, 71K:

devilsoldiers.jpg (71K)

Fantasy House:
Hogne Titlestad created this image in about 3 hours, rendering BMRT2.6b; JPEG, 533x413, 55K:

fantasy_house.jpg (55K)

Humming Top:
the first gallery image for Ayam is the result of a small NURBS modeling exercise; rendering: BMRT2.5h; shaders: RStopsrf; modeling: Randolf Schultz; JPEG, 400x514, 24K:

ayam-humming_top.jpg (24K)

The splash image of Ayam has been done with The Mops. It is a cooperative work of K. Frost (modelling of the compasses), B. Sieker (additional modelling, texturing, lighting), and R. Schultz (the letter A, finishing touches, rendering). Rendering: BMRT2.5h; shaders: superplank, shiny, BSpaintedenv; GIF, 426x512, 114K:

ayam-splash.gif (114K)

Here are some images that have been created using The Mops (the predecessor of Ayam).

another fine image by Bernd Sieker; rendering BMRT2.4c; Shaders: KMWindyWaves; JPEG, 800x600, 90K:

Spirit.jpg (90K)

DOAP (Domestication of a Pyramid):
this image has been inspired by an installation by Magdalena Jetelova in the "Museum für angewandte Kunst", Vienna 1992; rendering BMRT2.4b; shaders: RSSand, LGGreenPolishedMarble, LGnoisysmoke, DSnoisedsp; Modeling: Randolf Schultz, Lighting: Bernd Sieker; JPEG, 1024x768, 80K:

mops-doap.jpg (80K)

image has been created by Bernd (Pink) Sieker as entry for the IRTC (Internet Raytracing Competition), read his description; final version; JPEG, 800x600, 144K:

pink-flowing-final.jpg (144K)

submitted version; JPEG, 800x600, 100K:

pink-flowing.jpg (100K)

this image displays a first high level custom object derived from ShellyLib; due to this object the size of the Mops scene file is just 12K (it contains just the parameters for the shell generating algorithm which hides in the seashell custom object), whereas the RIB (which contains the full geometry information) is 330K; rendering BMRT2.3.6; shaders: various shaders from ShellyLib, wood2, castucco; Nautilus, Sundial and Cone textures generated with the Shell Laboratory; JPEG, 800x600, 117K:

mops-collection.jpg (117K)

rendering BMRT2.3.6; shaders: a modified LGVeinedMarble, LGnoisysmoke, RSRibs; JPEG, 640x480, 81K:

mops-swish.jpg (81K)

Terminal Frost:
rendering BMRT2.3.6; shaders: modified MFicysrf and MFicydsp; JPEG, 800x600, 125K:

mops-terminal_frost.jpg (125K)

rendering: BMRT2.3.6, Shaders: DSnoisedsp (cactus), dented (pot); JPEG, 640x480, 31K:

mops-cactus.jpg (31K)

rendering: BMRT2.3.6, Shaders: LGmarbtile_polish, RCClouds, LGGlass; JPEG, 640x480, 47K:

mops-eis.jpg (47K)

Note: No other modeling software was harmed during the production of these images!

If you did something particularly neat with Ayam, do not hesitate to send scenes or images to me.

Randolf Schultz, 27. May 2006