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Randolf Schultz (

25. Jan 2018
This is the documentation of Ayam 1.25 – a free 3D modelling environment for the RenderMan interface. Please note, that this document is a reference manual, more detailed explanations of how to actually model with Ayam are given in the tutorials. This document has been written using the SGML-Tools (LinuxDoc) formatting system to generate files in a variety of text formats from one source file. There are HTML and PDF versions of this document prepared. In addition, the provided SGML-source can be used to generate other formats.


  1. Introduction  (TOC)
  2. The Ayam GUI  (TOC)
  3. Modelling Actions  (TOC)
  4. Objects, Properties, and Tags  (TOC)
  5. NURBS Modelling Tools  (TOC)
  6. Scripting Interface  (TOC)
  7. Import and Export  (TOC)
  8. Miscellaneous  (TOC)
  9. Index  (TOC)


1. Introduction

2. The Ayam GUI

3. Modelling Actions

4. Objects, Properties, and Tags

5. NURBS Modelling Tools

6. Scripting Interface

7. Import and Export

8. Miscellaneous

9. Index

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