ay_object Struct Reference

Ayam object.

#include <ayam.h>

Data Fields

struct ay_object_s * next
 next object in same hierarchie-level
struct ay_object_s * down
 children of this object
unsigned int type
 the type of the object (AY_ID*)
char * name
 the name of the object
unsigned int glname
 a "name" for OpenGL selection
unsigned int refcount
 how many references of this object exist?
int selected
 is this object currently selected?
int modified
 is this object modified by an editing action?
int parent
 does this object allow children?
int inherit_trafos
 do children inherit the transformation attributes?
int hide
 is this object hidden?
int hide_children
 should the children of this object be hidden?
double quat [4]
 quaternion attribute
 selected points of this object
 tags of this object
struct ay_mat_object_s * mat
 material of this object
void * refine
 type specific object (e.g. ay_sphere_object)
translation attributes

double movx
double movy
double movz
orientation attributes

double rotx
double roty
double rotz
scale attributes

double scalx
double scaly
double scalz

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