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5. Adding Material

Now we will add a material to the sphere to make it "wooden".

Step 1: Go back to the main window. Make sure that the sphere object is still selected, so that the new material will be associated with it. Now create a material object using the menu entry "Edit/Material" (you can also use the keyboard shortcut <Ctrl+m>). A dialog box (see figure 10) will pop up, asking you for a name for this new material object; enter "wood" and press the "Ok"-button:

creating a material object

Step 2: The newly created material object will immediately be selected and display its properties in the properties listbox. Select the "Surface" entry in the properties listbox. A new property GUI appears, as displayed in figure 11:

setting a surface shader

Step 3: Click on the "Set new Shader." button in the property GUI. A listbox pops up, see figure 12:

shader selection popup

(If your listbox is displaying no entries at all you probably have not set up Ayam properly, please go back to section Setting up Ayam.)

Step 4: Select the "wood2" entry in the listbox, it is probably the last one, so you have to scroll down. Now press "Ok". The property GUI changes again; it displays a lot of entries now, that are the parameters of the shader "wood2" as shown in figure 13:

the wood2 shader

But we do not need to change anything here.

Step 5: Press the "Apply" button.

We do not need to set a material for the box, as the default material in Ayam is "matte", which is sufficient for this tutorial.

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