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[14. Dec 2001]:
  • The next Ayam release (V1.1) is getting close. However, I plan to wait for the next BMRT (promised to be released until the end of this year).
  • I made a job posting on SourceForge regarding icons today, please see the job database on SourceForge for a more detailed description.
[13. Dec 2001]:
  • I found out what makes Ayam draw an incomplete grid in perspective views on Win32. It is the faulty Microsoft "compiler" (it does not deserve to be called a compiler, IMHO), that "optimizes" a for loop running from -25 to 25 to run from 0 to 25. I can make this work by turning off optimization. The "fun" is, if I do this, Sweeps stop to work too. You can either have grids or Sweeps, and toggle proper work of these features using the optimization switch of the compiler. Do that with gcc! And again I have wasted hours of valuable time. I do hope the Win32 users of you appreciate what I am doing just for you. Probably not. Anyway, I am really pissed off today.
[2. Nov 2001]: [29. Oct 2001]:
  • First successful experiments with a new renderer (Aqsis), see a screenshot (GIF, 91K).
  • The file Changes.txt now contains the user visible changes of the latest version of Ayam in the CVS repository on SourceForge.
[11. Oct 2001]:
  • Updated the Tutorial#1 to reflect some changes in the 1.0b4 release of Ayam.
[9. Oct 2001]:
  • The 1.0b4 release of Ayam has been uploaded to the file/release area on the SourceForge project page. Download links are functional now.
[8. Oct 2001]:
  • A new image is in the gallery.
  • Due to continuing problems with the WWW-server at the department, the Ayam homepage is slowly migrating to SourceForge. Download links are not functional, though. I will point them to the file release area tomorrow.
[2. Oct 2001]:
  • A new beta release (1.0b4) of Ayam is now available for download. Unfortunately, the Metaballs custom object currently in development did not make it into the distribution.
[26. Jul 2001]:
  • The third beta release of Ayam is now available for download.
[19. Jun 2001]: [12. Jun 2001]:
  • Fixed some bad memory leaks and a bug in the RIB exporter of the Box object. Get new versions from the download page.
[5. Jun 2001]: [31. May 2001]:
  • First public release of Ayam (V1.0Beta).


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