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[17. Dec 2002]: [4. Dec 2002]:
  • A note to NVidia users on Linux:
    the Tcl-library that is statically linked into the official Linux Ayam binary (Tcl 8.2.2) contains a bug, that prevents the start of NVidia-OpenGL using programs (such as rgl or rendrib) from Ayam, they immediately die with a segmentation violation.
    I am sorry for this, but until the next official Linux binary is released (which will contain a fix for this) you need to compile your own version of Ayam (with e.g. Tcl/Tk 8.3.x).
[18. Nov 2002]: [21. Oct 2002]:
  • The Ayam 1.3 release has been updated to fix a serious bug with the rotate_about modelling action and is now available from the download page.
[16. Oct 2002]: [16. Sep 2002]: [20. Aug 2002]:
  • The IRIX binary release of Ayam 1.2 has been fixed. Thanks to the 200 downloading people for not reporting the bug.
[17. Jul 2002]: [9. Jul 2002]: [9. Jun 2002]:
  • José Pedro Dias set up a page regarding Ayam. There are some nice images on this page, but see for yourself.
[3. Jun 2002]:
  • There are now binary versions (IRIX and Linux) of Ayam 1.2 alpha available from the download page. Please test it!
[30. May 2002]:
  • The alpha release of Ayam 1.2 has been updated. Some old memory leaks (finally) got fixed. Get the new alpha from the download page. Please test it!
[23. May 2002]:
  • Ayam 1.2 alpha is available from the download page. Please test it!
[20. Apr 2002]:
  • The RIB import plugin is nearly done, it creates now material objects as well.
  • A new object type "PatchMesh" has been added to Ayam.
  • The picking code is also mature, expect it soon in CVS.
[19. Feb 2002]:
  • A port to MacOS X (done by D. Ward) is underway.
  • B. Coconnier is developing an object picking mode.
  • A first version of a RIB import plugin (yes, that is right, RIB import) is in the CVS. It does not create material objects yet, but reads lights and geometry just fine.
[17. Jan 2002]:
  • Ayam 1.1 is available for download. It is not yet in the file-release-system on SourceForge but just on the home page(s). I plan to wait until next Monday for potential show stoppers. Please test it!


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