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[12. Dec 2008]
  • Recent advances in the CVS-Head allow now a flawless export of the Marsrakete scene:

    to X3D:

    and even allow the X3D file to be re-imported to Ayam:

[4. Dec 2008]
  • A bugfix release (Ayam 1.15.1) is available for download, get it now.
[27. Nov 2008]
  • The Win32 release executables have been updated for working import/export plugin support please redownload.
[23. Nov 2008] [12. Nov 2008] [4. Nov 2008]
  • Closed approximating curves now available for testing in the CVS-Head.
[27. Oct 2008]
  • The approximating curves, finally, work ok now:

[20. Aug 2008]
  • Recent advances in the CVS-Head include individual parameter sets for Script objects, that lead to the following screwy experiments:
    • Image 1:

      The well known spiral Script object example with self defined parameter GUI was enhanced (a one line change), so that all parameters are now individual, then it was copied and the Radius parameters adapted. The two objects were simply put into a Skin tool object, and voila: a screw surface results. Needless to say, that one may now still change parameters of the screw surface easily by adapting parameters of the spiral Script objects with few mouse clicks. Get the scene file for your own experiments.
    • Image 2:

      The spiral Script object defining the outer border of the screw surface was changed (again a one liner) for a sinusoidal offset in z direction resulting in a more interesting surface. Get the scene file for your own experiments.
    • Image 3:

      The spiral Script object was copied a second time and the radius was adjusted again, furthermore a negative offset in z direction was added. Get the scene file for your own experiments.
[24. Jul 2008]
  • Hotfix #1 for Ayam 1.14 has been released. Get it from the download page.
[9. May 2008] [18. Apr 2008]
  • The documentation has been improved a bit and put online in a new version.
  • The CVS-Head has now two scripts that switch Ayam to use the Gnome (zenity) or KDE (kdialog) file requesters instead of the native Tk ones. Furthermore, there is now a drag-and-drop plugin (aydnd.tcl) available that, with the help of tkdnd, allows to drag Ayam scene files (and other supported 3D scene files) onto the application window to load them. Tkdnd currently works for X11 (XDND: KDE, Gnome) and Win32 (OLE).
[10. Apr 2008]
  • The Win32 release executables of Ayam 1.14 have been updated (for finally working custom object support). Due to the necessary changes, Ayam and all plugins now use a shared runtime library (msvcr80.dll), which is also distributed.
  • The Mac OS X Aqua DMG distribution has been updated for improved Tiger support.
  • Get the new versions from the download page.
[4. Apr 2008] [17. Mar 2008]
  • The Ayam home page is now mirrored on http://www.marsrakete.de/~randi/ayam/ and the contact e-mail address of the project has been changed to randolf.schultz@gmail.com . Big thanks to the marsrakete.de team for hosting the mirror.
  • All messages sent to the old address starting from last Monday (10. Mar 2008) are lost.
[18. Feb 2008]
  • The single window GUI mode has been enhanced quite a bit to accommodate a third view window. The internal layout is saved properly between sessions and the toolbox layout mechanism has been enhanced for text-only buttons created by scripts.
[3. Feb 2008]
  • Latest news from the CVS-Head: Ayam may now be configured to use just one toplevel window. See these screenshots for the single window Aqua and single window X11 variant. Yes, there is space for a third internal view. Yes, you can still have more, floating views in extra toplevel windows.
[17. Jan 2008]
  • The ayslc BMRT shader parsing plugin has been recompiled to be used on recent Linux distributions, get it from the download page.


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