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2. Nov 2009

The list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) has been updated.

Maurice Raybaud begun a french translation of the Ayam documentation. Follow the progress in the docs module of the Ayam CVS, or even help him out?

22. Sep 2009

Ayam 1.16 has been released. Get the new version from the download page, see also the complete list of changes.

10. Sep 2009

A new pre-release of Ayam is now available. Get the new version from ayam1.16pre2.src.tgz. Please test it thoroughly and report any bugs you find.

13. Aug 2009

The CVS-Head now contains support for Subdivision NURBS:

1. Jun 2009

Because of incompatible changes in the scripting interface (some commands have been renamed, Script object scripts now run in a safe interpreter with limited access) a pre-release version of Ayam 1.16 (source only!) has been released to let script developers test their scripts with the new release. Get the new version from ayam1.16pre.tar.gz. In addition, a feature freeze is in effect for this release. You are welcome to test it and report bugs for the final release of Ayam 1.16.

26. Mar 2009

News from the CVS-Head: the Select object now also handles lists and ranges of objects; Script object scripts now run in a safe interpreter (without access to the network or file system, a big win for security), they still can have property GUIs though.

16. Feb 2009

The shader parsing plugin (ayslx) has been updated for Aqsis 1.4.2 on Mac OS X. In addition, there is now a script (useaqsisapp.tcl) that helps using Aqsis directly from the app-structure of the official Mac OS X Aqsis distribution. Get the updated archive from the download page.


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